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At the Eschwege-based company Präwema, trainees are also trained in robotics. Through the NIWE network, apprentices from other companies can also benefit from this qualification.

Präwema arbeitet mit Robotertechnik - Michael Stey erklärt Präwema arbeitet mit Robotertechnik - Michael Stey erklärt

"Sound knowledge of robotics and automation is essential for the training of skilled workers - but also in further education and training - today", Wolfgang Conrad, business development manager of the city of Eschwege and chairman of the Netzwerkinitiative Wirtschaft Eschwege (NIWE), is convinced.

Together with the company Präwema Antriebstechnik in Eschwege, the network is expanding the company's inter-company training to become "Training Centre 4.0".


Trainees from other companies

On a special Kuka training robot, the 24 apprentices of Präwema and the apprentices of other companies from the Werra-Meissner district, who are also trained in the factory halls on the Hessenring, learn the basics of robotics in practice. They learn how robots work and practice the different ways of programming the robot so that it can subsequently execute complex motion sequences.

In addition to the trainees, the cooperation partners would also like to invite schools, universities and AI networks beyond the state borders to Thuringia to learn the practical side of robotics. Instruction master Michael Stey and his colleagues have completed the relevant courses in order to be able to train the next generation in robotics in Eschwege. "The practical relevance of the training is important to us," he says. The next step will then be the further education and training of employees.


For the business location

The keyword is lifelong learning. Finally, Wolfgang Conrad would like to expand the training concept to 3D printing in a third step. "We are investing in the next generation of employees so that the Werra-Meißner business location will remain competitive in the future," says Conrad. "Companies today are exposed to a digital structural change that is rapidly accelerating. With the Training Centre 4.0, we want to pick up the digital generation where it is and hope that the young people will also enjoy it".


Trainees wanted

The shortage of skilled workers is increasingly noticeable in the companies in the district. This is why Präwema is focusing on sound training. In the modern factory halls on the Hessenring, young men and women can learn metal and electrical trades as well as packaging mechanics or machine and plant operators. And now also robotics and automation. "Of course, the educational requirements for the professions must be available," says Michael Stey. "But if pupils with a good intermediate school leaving certificate or even very good secondary modern school-leavers can complete the training, it is always personal motivation that counts. Präwema Managing Director Jörg Schieke adds: "Those who complete their training with a master's degree have a degree like a university degree in their pocket".

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