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Innovative process stabilization through WMS monitoring.

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Trouble-free processes in machining are the be-all and end-all of any production and the basic prerequisite for fast, efficient and thus economical work.  To make manufacturing processes even more reliable and stable, we have developed WMS-Monitoring - a reliable tool wear and collision detection system to reduce unplanned downtime.

In the field of machining technology, WMS-Monitoring is the efficient solution especially for lathes and milling machines from DVS TECHNOLOGY Group, which can be used to improve both the productivity of the system and its cost-effectiveness.

If users want to increase production, it must be ensured that the system can also withstand this load in order to avoid the risk of tool breakage and thus unplanned downtime. This is where our system provides unerring support for the machining process.

How does WMS monitoring work?

WMS Monitoring directly accesses the current values of the digital drives of the machine tool. The system automatically learns the maximum current values of the monitored drives for each new tool and documents them in the file system. The permanent analysis detects errors and dangers due to possible tool wear, for example. If a tool wears out, the current value of the associated drives changes. However, the number of maximum tool cycles is not a problem due to the use of the file system, as this is only limited by the size of the SD card or HDD/SSD.

The advantages of WMS monitoring

  • Prevent downtime
  • Protection of machine, tooling system and tool against overloads
  • Reduction of consequential damage due to incorrectly clamped workpieces or premature tool wear
  • Promotion of process stability
  • Shortening of machine downtimes
  • Increased output
  • Increase in quality

WMS monitoring is also useful for small batch sizes, since monitoring is tool-related and not dependent on the workpiece.

The monitoring values are set via the HMI. The reaction per tool in terms of message, alarm or immediate stop can also be selected individually.

A major advantage of WMS monitoring is the fast commissioning. Since no additional sensors or other monitoring devices or other external hardware are required, the software can be installed quickly and easily at a later date.

The installation effort including training/instruction is about 1 day. As the preparation is done in advance at WMS, the system only needs to be installed on site and, if necessary, the control licenses need to be activated.

WMS Monitoring is the innovative solution, which above all immensely reduces the risk of unplanned machine downtimes and collisions. This is because broken or defective tools usually cause the workpieces to be torn out of their clamping, resulting in massive damage to the tool turret or the main spindle. Depending on the damage, the repair costs amount to between 20k and 30k € plus the loss of production.

Among others, we have been successfully using our software at sister company DVS Production South for some time.  Since the installation of the system, no further damage has occurred due to faulty tooling or collision. The improvement of the service life of tools and wear parts is the positive consequence of this and thus contributes significantly to the company's success.

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