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DVS TOOLS & COMPONENTS Precise grinding begins with precise dressing

In order to guarantee a reliably high quality, dressing rolls are now also developed within the DVS Group itself

Naxos Diskus: Abrichter im Einsatz Naxos Diskus: Abrichter im Einsatz

Every chain is known to be as strong as its weakest link. For this reason, the DVS Technology Group strives to supply all links of the chain from its own premises. In the past, unreliable dressing processes repeatedly occurred with purchased dressing rolls, which often had negative effects on the stability of the entire grinding process. With the development of its own dressing rolls, DVS Group is now improving the quality in this area as well - and thus overall. In the future, all grinding machines of the Group will be equipped with their own dressing rolls.

DVS Tooling in Hemer has developed the dressing rolls especially for the requirements of the group's own machines. The dressing rolls developed in-house have the advantage that they have practically no wear and produce a constant degree of coverage throughout their entire service life. The DVS dressing rolls do not have to be resharpened or geometrically reconditioned. This means that there is no need to intervene in the grinding process and the dressing cycle can be increased.

A newly delivered Buderus CNC235 can serve as an example of success. With the previous bought-in roll, dressing parameters had to be repeatedly adjusted in order to maintain the quality characteristics on the workpiece.

The bore of a gearwheel was ground with a conventional internal grinding wheel.
Required roughness values Rz4μm; roundness 0.002mm; allowance 0.3mm
Grinding wheels; Ø 35mm, length 60mm.
A dressing cycle of 1 was achieved with a feed roll.
With the in-house development of the DVS Group (designation AX19-002-15K | T01027), a dressing cycle of 3 workpieces could be achieved without permanent change of the parameters.
The roller is a set PCD roller which shows very low wear. Therefore, one can speak of a constant quality and degree of coverage in the long term.

Currently, DVS Group manufactures three different types of dressing rolls:
- Sintered dressing rolls, in which natural or industrial diamond can be integrated
- Electroplated dressing rolls
- Set PCD roles – here, the PCD platelets are glued or soldered in

With the development of these new dressing roller types, the DVS Group has taken a further step into the grinding technology of the future. Naxos-Diskus Schleifmittelwerke GmbH is responsible for sales and distribution


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