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Kerstin Stumpf-Trautmann, Head of Marketing Kerstin Stumpf-Trautmann, Head of Marketing


As a technology group operating worldwide, we deal with many different target groups and stakeholders: We experience a lingual and cultural diversity globally, our larger and smaller customers all speak different languages, and even the employees in our subsidiaries all have different backgrounds. That doesn’t make communication easy to start with. But exactly this is what makes clear and consistent communication so important for us – it is our tool, to be used to find a common language and voice in all the diversity.



Nowadays we don’t just simply deliver finished machines off the line, but, together with our customers, we develop solutions for often complicated and most of all, new challenges. For this we need characteristics which you can’t just measure in µ: empathy, engagement, creativity. Passion for example. A strong brand can carry what sets us apart in this aspect as a solutions provider. This is why we will very consciously work on our brand alongside our strategy development – in form and content.



Our marketing connects a multitude of channels – starting with the personal encounter, like at an exhibition for example. Of course, digital aspects are becoming increasingly important – exactly as with our products and company processes. And precisely this is where it gets exciting: In digital spheres, communication and products are drawing ever closer – the communication platform becomes a collaboration platform which is potentially enriched with data straight out of the machine. That makes mechanical engineering, also from a marketing aspect, one of the most thrilling fields there is.



Of course our strategy development is the most exciting project that moves us right now. The DVS management board has decided to involve employees and customers in the process from the start – with transparent information and as a valuable driving force. With DVS NEXT, we have designed our own communication brand, so that the communication regarding our new strategy is easy to follow, and we’re already experiencing what a brand can achieve: Clarity, demarcation, commitment.


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Kerstin Stumpf-Trautmann has been head of Communication and Marketing since October 1, 2021, and is responsible for the internal and external presence of the Group and its subsidiaries.

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