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DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP The DVS Service Division gets a new home

Service plays a very important role in the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP and is becoming increasingly important. Now we are building a new, modern building, to do this justice. The official ground-breaking ceremony was on 10. February in Sinshem.

“With this new building we are setting a clear sign that the topic of service is more than ever at the centre of our company strategy, and that we will competently accompany our customers along the entire lifecycle.”, says our CEO Dr. Müller-Mederer on 10. February in Sinsheim, as the official construction of the new DVS Service Centre began with the symbolic ground-breaking.

“Modern, sustainable and functional” are attributes which perfectly describe the new WMS Werkzeugmaschinenbau Sinsheim building. Over an area of more than 2,300 m2, the new building meets all the requirements to take the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP service philosophy sustainably into account.

For the more than 38 employees the building should be a motivational “home”: Modern and ergonomic workplaces in sunlit rooms characterise the new building.

“During the planning phase, energy efficiency was naturally important, so that the fixed costs for heating and electricity could be reduced by more than 60%”, says Joachim Ernst, manager of WMS, on the construction concept which combines ecology and economy in a win-win situation. During the planning phase the requirements for optimal service were especially important: “The new production site is tailor-made to suit WMS’ requirements. Thanks to the 10-meter-high production halls, we are able to service the big DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP machines.”

The production halls will be fitted with all the technological solutions necessary to ensure a perfect service process. A storage system will also be implemented, to deliver spare parts with the highest performance and highest quality. Joachim Ernst continues: “It was important for us to stay in Sinsheim, because our specialists come from the area, and we wanted to guarantee the service know-how and expertise for our customers.”

The new building in the Neulandstraße in Sinsheim should be finished by the beginning of 2023. Representatives of the town of Sinsheim, as well as partners involved in the project from the Layher planning company and Böpple construction company we among those present at the ground-breaking ceremony. Jörg Albrecht, the mayor of Sinsheim, thanked the management and board for the decision to stay in Sinsheim.

The WMS Werkzeugmaschinenbau Sinsheim GmbH is the “DVS Service. The company was grounded as the “Neue Magdeburger” over 70 years ago and in this time, developed from machine producer to successful service provider for the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP. Using the latest technologies, WMS implemented modern process and machining parameters and can even bring old machines up to high-tech levels. WMS, with its far-reaching local and remote service, maintenance, spare part management, retrofit and geometric measurement, is responsible for servicing the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP tooling machines.

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