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Personally, I think of the digitalisation of processes as the keyword. Classic production with subsequent quality control is today being supplemented and even replaced by digital process control. Data on forces, temperatures or vibrations tell us already during processing whether the process is running stable. Long before the downstream quality monitoring system can register this, the machine rejects parts that do not meet the desired quality. Not only do we receive the quality information earlier, we also immediately recognise which parameter is responsible for the deviation. Our HRI digitalisation module is already widely used in gear cutting processes.



Workpiece-specific process and quality data allow us to trace the manufacturing process of individual workpieces back to their origin. But that is by no means all. For us, the data pool is also a treasure trove for improvements - we can gain important insights into tool service life, cycle times, OEE and maintenance condition. This is one of the reasons why traceability has become indispensable in production engineering.


Camera systems 

It is unbelievable how 2 and 3D camera systems today simplify and flexibilise parts handling. The "eyes of the robot" make complex conveyor belts with stoppers, separations, part recognition and workpiece-specific pallets superfluous. Our standardised robot cells from RBC Robotics with integrated camera systems set new standards here.



Tomorrow's production technology will become even more efficient, leaner and more sustainable. Digitalisation and automation will allow us to achieve even higher quality and precision while using fewer resources. In order to further design and optimise these manufacturing processes of the future, we use the entire synergetic intelligence of the DVS Technology Group - and the close dialogue with our customers.


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Dipl.-Ing. Josef Preis has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of DVS TECHNOLOGY AG since 1998.

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