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"We live in exciting times - not just since Corona. With DVS NOW we show that we neither rest on our past nor indulge in dreams of the future. We show how we position ourselves here and now, what we do in the group. But above all, we want to show our customers which solutions we can provide them from the strength of the competence network of the group - so DVS NOW is a little bit like a permanent mini trade fair."


Shape the change – the FUTURE is what we make of it

"Anyone presenting a five-year plan today has either not thought it through or is lying. In our increasingly complex world, rapid and radical change has long been the norm. But our fixed star on the road to the future is clear: radically improving the environmental balance of mobility. But we are not ideologues, we are engineers. And we develop what serves this goal. And of course, we do the same. We are already the market leader in the field of e-mobility. And we look at everything else with an open development spirit." 



"Today and even more so in the future, it is crucial for success to be able to adapt extremely flexibly to new situations and developments. This includes faster, more open communication, streamlined processes, daily learning, and the willingness to question one's own ideas at any time. I see great opportunities in this. Today, we are already not only a supplier of workpieces and machines, but also of solutions that make new things possible and literally help our customers to move forward."



"Digitization challenges us all because it acts like a turbocharger on the dynamics of development. At the same time, digitization provides us with the tools to increase our own agility enormously - not only in processes and communication, but also in production and the products themselves. The quasi-simultaneous exchange that is possible among our specialized business units increases know-how, quality and innovation dynamics. This is also one of the reasons why we have created DVS Digital - and a board division that is dedicated exclusively to this topic."



"We don't have a crystal ball either, of course. But with our self-learning system of synergetic business units, we are ideally positioned to take completely new paths. For me, the future lies in an increasingly intensive exchange - between our highly specialized companies, but also with our customers. As a solution provider, we will take an increasingly holistic view of the challenges. Our tools will no longer be made of steel alone, but also of data and information. One thing is certain: It will be a highly creative process in which opportunities lie where courage is. And we certainly have that courage." 


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Bernd Rothenberger, MBA, has been a member of the Board of Directors of DVS Technology AG since 2010 and, as CSO, is particularly responsible for the sales orientation of the group of companies.

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