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New skiving machine for internal and external gearing from Pittler T&S

pSkive is a new gear skiving machine developed by Pittler T & S. At EMO 2023, it will be presented to the professional public for the first time. It sets new standards in gear processing and is ideal for producing premium geared parts in medium and large quantities. Based on Pittler’s advanced, proven skiving technology, pSkive efficiently and precisely produces premium internal and external gears. The gearing range of the machine is between module 0.3 and module 5, and it processes workpieces with a diameter of up to 315 mm.

die neue pSkive von PITTLER T&S die neue pSkive von PITTLER T&S

Available in two versions with MONO or DUO head, pSkive offers space for up to four more tool holders, such as such as turning tools, an in-process measuring probe, or a sensor for finding tooth gaps. These are mounted on the skiving spindle and can be swiveled using revolver technology. The in-process measuring probe allows continuous monitoring of the workpiece during processing, thus ensuring consistent component quality. It is an integral part of the configuration options. Moreover, the integration of hard peeling is possible using the indentation sensor to control the precise, fully automatic processing of hardened workpieces.

The MONO head version of the machine has a propelled tool spindle and allows processing of spur and annular gears in one clamping. This means that finished peeling and deburring take place in one operation. Possible overturning of the reference surfaces and diameters is also ensured by the revolver technology.

The version of pSkive with a DUO head has two propelled tool spindles that can accommodate two skiving wheels at the same time. This enables a quick switchover to the second skiving wheel. This considerably increases productivity, because one tool each can be used for roughing and finishing the gearing, for example. Of course, this also provides the option of machining two different types of gearings on one component, using sister tools or doing single-flank machining with a left-hand and right-hand skiving wheel for maximum precision. To integrate further processing steps, a separate drilling or grinding spindle can also be implemented.

The PV315 pSkive is a multifaceted, first-class solution for the modern production industry to efficiently and precisely manufacture premium geared components. Its flexibility and the ability to perform complex processing steps in a single clamping make it into a high-performance skiving machine for demanding production requirements in the gearing sector.

You missed the EMO and would like to learn more about the pSkive from Pittler T&S? On our website you will find more detailed information about the pSkive and the rest of the machine range, and you can also contact us directly if you have more detailed questions.

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