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I have been concentrating on this topic professionally for almost three decades. During this time, I have experienced that there is definitely movement in the much-cited "service desert". Nevertheless, very many technical companies have not exhausted the potential of service for improving customer satisfaction, product quality and ultimately also turnover and results by a long way. I am happy to be able to set up Service with the right people in the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP in such a way that not only does this area experience growth, but satisfied customers receive even more machines from the group of companies.



As with products, digitalisation also offers fantastic opportunities for service: Digital twins of our machines and predictive maintenance enable us to serve our customers faster and more precisely than ever before. Digitally supported processes in our service units make our service highly efficient - a benefit for the company and even more so for our customers.


Added value

The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP has recognised that now it is no longer enough for a machine manufacturer to deliver the highest technical quality. Customers also expect close support over the entire life cycle of the machine from a modern solution provider. Here, service by specialists with maintenance, repair and remote support generates real added value and with consulting, retrofit and training offers, the efficiency in the value creation is demonstrably increased.



Today, the cycles of change and development are taking place at an ever faster pace and with greater fluctuations - this applies to all participants in industrial value chains. In this respect, service today also has the task of accompanying the transformation of our customers in an advisory capacity. For this reason, our own permanent development is also crucial to our future and success.


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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Wicklandt has been responsible for the newly founded "Service" business unit of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP since April 2022. Before that, he gained extensive experience in the responsibility for service units of internationally operating companies from medical technology, mechanical engineering as well as logistics and process automation.

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