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DVS Tooling presents new honing ring generation.

Honringe von DVS Tooling Honringe von DVS Tooling

The system solution of the DVS Technology Group for gear honing has just been extended by an essential component which additionally increases the overall performance: The new honing rings of the ToolRing Pro series enable an increase in performance of up to 70%. 

Honing and grinding are technologies in many areas that are in constant competition with each other. This - and customer requirements - are essential drivers for the continuous development of new, even more efficient and powerful products. In the field of gear honing, DVS Tooling has now succeeded in taking a further step towards a significant increase in performance.

After intensive development work, the new ToolRing Pro honing ring generation was created, which achieves performance increases of up to 70 %. These values have been measured by DVS Production in long-term tests under series conditions and can be realistically achieved in the daily production routine of the users.

A decisive factor for this significant leap in performance is the optimisation of the entire grain and bond system in the new honing ring generation - specially adapted to the VSD (Vario Speed Dresser) dressing system.

As a tool supplier of the DVS Group, DVS Tooling is an established system partner of Präwema performance honing. With the T:Ring S100, a product from this new ToolRing Pro series, the company from the DVS Technology Group now supplies an extremely wear-resistant and dimensionally stable honing ring quality. With this newly developed honing ring, the number of machined workpieces per dressing cycle can be significantly increased - and with it, of course, the output per honing ring. For the customers of DVS Tooling, this means noticeable cost savings in the honing process.

The experts on gear honing also prove this cost saving in a concrete example on site: For users who operate one or more Präwema honing machines, DVS Tooling provides free test tools and an experienced application engineer for a test with the new T:Ring S100. The entire test is evaluated and all parameters are documented for comparison. DVS Tooling is convinced that in this way, users will be able to prove the significant cost savings clearly and conclusively.


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