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In a word, Mario Preis

Modern, quality- and user-oriented - the development of our new machine design is based on these three pillars. We had the pleasure of presenting our machine highlights in the new machine design at EMO 2023.

The focus was on our unique SynchroFine honing machine as well as the two new machines, SynchroFormV Advanced for the production of toothed drive components and pSkive, our newest skiving machine. Not presented live but also available in a modern design: our centre drive machine 235VM and the UGrind DD. The latter is designed for the machining of coated brake discs, while the former is primarily used for the complete finishing of rotationally symmetrical shaft-shaped workpieces. These five machines have already received the new uniform appearance, and gradually all machines of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP will adopt this design.



Mario Preis, CTDO of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, as a member of a DVS team of experts, was himself instrumental in the birth of the new machine design. In the context of "A word", he tells us what the new machine design is all about and why it means much more than just a pretty new outfit for both our customers and our colleagues.


Function and user-friendlines

For us, the focus was on functions and optimal user-friendliness when developing the appearance. The result is a "design with a human touch" that is characterised by a progressive design with a clear modern language of form that is both avant-garde and timeless. Balanced, human-oriented proportions with a symmetrical structure are intended to make our machines more accessible. Particularly easy-to-clean surfaces, user-facing work areas and intuitive user interfaces improve processes and ergonomics. This design language is rounded off by high-quality details, precise joints and a clear design. These convey the characteristics of our machines: precision, performance, quality and durability.


Independent and yet recognisable

With our harmonised corporate product design, we also demonstrate our special strength, which lies in our synergetic solution competence: Machines that are clearly recognisable as products of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP benefit from the clout of our entire group. The positive characteristics you associate with our group are transferred to each individual machine. Conversely, the uniform new corporate product design of each machine promotes the awareness of our entire group. Modular, coordinated individual components multiply into a superior overall solution for the specific task.


Developed in collaboration

As part of our innovation platform DVS ACT, a cross-company interdisciplinary team thought about the design development process and came up with initial design ideas. 

From this temporary unit, a dedicated design community emerged in 2022, which, together with our sheet metal supplier and a design agency, played a decisive role in shaping our new machine design, accompanied the introduction of the design and finally anchored it in the CI. Our entire design team looked forward with great anticipation to EMO, where this new machine design was presented to a broad audience for the first time.


What do you think? 

The new design stands for a clear visual structure with a generous window area, exciting proportions, dynamic fronts, ergonomic touch-screen control panel, support arm system, ergonomic foot area and generous working space. What do you think? 

We look forward to hearing your opinion.  Write to us, let's talk about it: 




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