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The revolution in double face grinding

CoolEdge GrindPro, the new type of bonding system offers high grinding tool stability, grinding at low-temperature, and less machine wear when double face grinding at industrial scale.

CoolEdge GrindPro, das neuartige Bindungssystem von NAXOS DISKUS CoolEdge GrindPro: New type of bonding system offers high grinding tool stability, grinding at low-temperature, and less machine wear when double face grinding at industrial scale.

CoolEdge GrindPro is the latest innovation in a grinding wheel with which NAXOS DISKUS aims to revolutionise double face grinding and is particularly targeted at the manufacturing industry. 

The grinding of connecting rods and also in particular heat-sensitive workpieces such as ceramic components are workpieces for which CoolEdge GrindPro is particularly suitable. The application area is machines that specialise in double face grinding. They face the challenge that the workpiece must be surface ground to the µ with a high stock removal of up to 1.6 mm. The heat input should be as low as possible, as additional cooling slots cannot be fitted on certain workpieces and the coolant nozzles often cannot be placed optimally either. 

The newly developed, innovative resin used in the grinding wheel ensures a low, adjustable bond quantity. This makes the grinding wheel grain-rich, soft-grinding and excellently dressable. Another plus is the improved wet grinding resistance, which is also due to the newly developed resin. 

CoolEdge GrindPro is ideally suited for both pre- and finish-grinding. The low spindle power reduces the machine load and up to 20 % energy costs can be saved. The efficient grinding tool puts less strain on the machine, which works more smoothly and is exposed to less mechanical stress. Currently, the new CoolEdge GrindPro requires a maximum of 17 kW of spindle power, compared to 21 kW with an old bond. 


All advantages at a glance


CoodEdge GrindPro stands for "high stability", "cool grinding" and "reduced machine stress", aspects that relate to the machining of materials, especially in the industrial sector. 

  • High stability refers to the ability of a cutting tool (such as a grinding wheel) to work effectively over a long period of time without overheating, wearing out or losing its grinding performance. 
  • A tool with a high level of stability maintains its grinding ability and efficiency over longer periods of time, resulting in fewer interruptions, higher productivity and lower tool change costs.
  • Grinding generates heat that can lead to overheating. A "cool grind" means that the grinding tool and the material being machined are not overheated and heat is effectively dissipated. This is important because excessive heat can lead to material deformation, tool wear and even quality problems with the machined surface. 
  • In double surface grinding, the machines and the tool are subjected to particularly high stresses in the machining process. CoolEdge GrindPro reduces this because the innovative bond system puts less stress on the machine and tool. This leads to a significant increase in service life and lower operating costs.


NAXOS DISKUS offers the CoolEdge GrindPro binding system for all double face grinding wheels in sizes 475 - 1060 mm. Would you like to learn more? Find out more about CoolEdge GrindPro and the rest of our face grinding product range on our website.

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