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Von Mikropräzision bis Großleistung

The DVS TOOLING range covers the entire scope of gear honing and grinding wheel dressing tools.
The main products include the PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing ring and the honing wheel, the “VarioSpeedDresser®” dressing tools, diamond dressing wheels, diamond honing wheels and diamond dressing rings.
By applying the specially developed “DVS LaserCut” finishing technology to the VarioSpeedDresser and the diamond dressing wheels and rings, DVS TOOLING sets new standards in terms of surface finish and profile quality in the micro-geometry of toothed components.
DVS Tooling offers original accessories and technology support for PRÄWEMA gear honing, which is used by all well-known gear manufacturers worldwide.
The range is supplemented by dressing rolls for precise dressing of internal and external grinding wheels, with which all grinding machines from the DVS Technology Group are supplied to customers.

Among other things, we manufacture

1. Gear wheels / test wheels in gear qualities down to quality 1

2. Module 0.5 to 5 (tooth size) The diameters range from 30 to 200 mm


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