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DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP one group, one drive and one design

The first machines to be updated are the Diskus DFine 2.0 and the SynchroForm V from PRÄWEMA. And from 2023, all machines of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP will be gradually updated to a uniform look.

"Of course, it is also important to us to express the values and unity of our group in the design of our products. However, it is even more important that the new design also increases the usability and therefore the benefit for the users. The machines and systems of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP stand for efficient production and high user comfort; a new additional dimension is now the future design of the machines", comments CEO Dr. Christoph Müller-Mederer on the development.

The new machine design has evolved from a POD of our cross-company collaboration platform DVS ACT. A POD is a small, temporary organisational unit in which employees from various departments work together to develop and advance ideas for a defined task. The 12-member Design POD, consisting of technical experts from the entire group, developed the design and the process in close cooperation with the group companies in various workshops. The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP was supported by the renowned industrial designers and engineers of WOLFRAM Design. During the development, it was important to support functions and manageability in the best way possible, and to find a "design with human dimension".

  • Progressive, leading design with a clear modern design language that is both avant-garde as well as timeless.
  • Balanced, human-oriented proportions with a symmetrical structure make the machines intuitively more accessible.
  • In particular, the easy-care surfaces, user-facing work areas and intuitive user interfaces improve processes and ergonomics.
  • High-quality details, precise joints and clear design convey the machines' characteristics: precision, performance, quality and durability.

With the harmonised corporate product design, the group also demonstrates the special strength that lies in the synergetic solution competence of the group of companies: Modular, coordinated individual components potentiate into a superior overall solution for the specific task.

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